It has been more than a month since Startup Iceland 2013 got done! I took a sabbatical from writing and a couple of weeks off which I had not done for the past 5 years. Once again, we pulled off a great event, more than 13 speakers, over 280 Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 5.39.10 PMparticipants, a hackathon, UNConference and just all round positive energy around building antifragile startup community in Iceland. There was so much to learn and got a number of items validated through out the session. I want to take this opportunity to thank Nyskopunarmidstod Islands, who sponsored and managed all the video production of the event. We have a Startup Iceland 2013 video channel setup in Vimeo for those who were not able to attend the event. Here is the President of Iceland opening the conferene:

Startup 2013 – Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, presedent of Iceland from Innovation Center Iceland on Vimeo.

The event would have not been possible without our great support of sponsors and patrons and the Startup Iceland Team that basically volunteered their hearts and minds to pull off a great event. Now that we have done year 2, I am confident that this event is going to be a main stay for the Entrepreneurial community in Iceland. In addition to all the great speakers and the learning, Startup Iceland was also the platform where we announced the new batch of Startup Reykjavik Teams for 2013. 10 new startups going through the bootcamp for 3 months. I am very excited about all the positive developments in Iceland supporting entrepreneurs and startups. As I have said before, this is a long journey and the community needs to continue to invest, participate and contribute to build an antifragile startup ecosystem. I am confident that it will happen.