This is the second of the posts related to defining the Value Proposition. The original post is here and the first post is here. I am using Startup Iceland as an example. Value proposition needs to address multiple stakeholders. The first post was the value we bring to the Entrepreneur, this post is going to focus on the Value to the Investors and Limited Partners (LPs) of Startup Iceland. We invest money on behalf of our investors and LP:

What value do we deliver our Investors and Limited Partners?

Traditional methods of measuring Return on Investment or Return on Capital Invested are good metrics, however the biggest value we bring is transparency. We plan to run the operations of the Venture Capital Fund in a transparent, inclusive and open manner. We clearly state our investment thesis, the timeline of investment, decision criteria for investing capital, our performance, time invested and effort in a team.

Which one of our customers problems are we helping to solve?

Mentoring, advising and creating an environment where the entrepreneurial teams get motivated to execute, win and be a world class company on a tough compressed timeline is a lot of work. We solve that problem for our limited partners and investors. Typical investors are passive and look at Venture Capital Asset class as risky, we asked the question ourselves why is that? the answer is it takes a lot of effort and handholding to make startups succeed. Eric Rise, the author of the Lean Startup defines Startups as an “Organization dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme Uncertainty”. We strive to reduce the uncertainty through our disciplines approach, working harder and smarter, bringing the power of the network to increase the odds of success and following the time tested methods of building companies. We are entrepreneurs at heart, we have had experience building companies and we want to ensure that our experience gets translated into our portfolio companies.

What bundle of products or services are we offering to each Customer Segment?

Investors and LPs are always looking for avenues to invest their capital. We believe we provide a platform that is underserved. Venture based investments have outperformed typical asset classes over a 15 year period. A Venture Fund dedicated to creating valuable internet based companies out of Iceland is a unique value proposition. Our intention is to use Iceland as a good testing ground to validate the product quickly and help launch it in the global market place. We understand the world of Technology, being technologists, architects and geeks. We understand the direction the social networked world is moving to. A platform to invest in this new trend is the product and service we provide to the customer segment of Investors and LPs.

Which customer needs are we satisfying?

Diversification in capital allocation. High Return on Invested Capital and Being responsible stewards of capital. We want to earn the trust of our partners. We understand we do not exist without their trust. Our values of Integrated, open, transparent, fair and trusting relationships in building wealth and return to our Investors is our gospel. We don’t just say it we live it every day. We will NEVER put our interest before that of our investors. We will measure ruthlessly our performance and we will be transparent about communicating our failures and wins. Transparent Governance is the core belief of our operation.