So, I want to create a documentary of the journey of Startup Iceland. Who would want to see this documentary? I don’t know and I don’t know if I can get anyone to fund this either. I have been a big fan of KickStarter, thats when the idea broke out hey why don’t I use KickStarter to fund the documentary? It is not new, it has been done before but I am sure anyone who wants to create a Startup Community would want to see this documentary. Never the less, I created the project and submitted my proposal… I am just having my fingers crossed to hear back from the KickStarter team. The documentary will basically be built around the startup community here in Iceland and the run up to the Conference that I have written to you all about, if you have not signed up yet… PLEASE DO, I promise you it would be spectacular success or an Epic failure either way you can see the journey through this documentary. I know exactly the right peopleto bring on board to do this. What do you think? will I get funded to get this documentary on the road?