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Fred Wilson blogged about “Building the Ecosystems” and how a couple of his colleagues Gary Chou and Christina Cacioppo in Union Square Ventures are teaching a course called Entrepreneurial Design at the School of Visual Arts. This is one of the reasons why I love where we are in the Internet adoption cycle. Just think about it… I am here sitting in Iceland, I love Entrepreneurs and I gobble up any material related to Entrepreneurship and here is a seasoned VC/Entrepreneur talking about how they are creating a new wave of Entrepreneurs who are from the Design/Arts background and the material that they are going to cover, the Syllabus, Reading list, References etc are all open so anyone with Internet Access can follow the same program, read, learn and apply what is being taught of course without the Class participation. If this is not revolutionary in the field of Education and Knowledge nothing is. I think this is the next big revolution in the Age of Knowledge after the invention of the Printing press. I digress. The purpose of this post is to make the point that the course syllabus is relavant to Technical as well as Design/Art talent, actually it is relevant to anyone who wants to be an Entrepreneur in this new world. The link to the syllabus and references is extremely valuable and useful so please go and read all of the things especially the one about Customer Development and Experimenting, User Acquisition Tactics, Strategies and Virality. Just brilliant compilation of things every entrepreneur should be aware of.

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