You may not know Tim Schafer but what he is doing is probably going to disrupt the Game development industry, i.e Game Publishers vs Game Developers. I think the Internet has changed how we do things, for example if you are want to make your own music and publish it? sure you can do that… you want to make your own Adventure Game and cannot get a publisher to back you, no problem use Kickstarterta-da!

Tim Schafer at GDC 2011.
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No seriously, Tim Schafer is just one more example of a growing trend of Content creators going directly to their fans and getting funding to create a project cutting out all the middle men. I love this! First it was Louis CK, the comedian who made a 1 hour show and put it on the Internet for anyone to stream or watch for $5, lets just say that he did absolutely fine with his experiment “financially” of course. Fred blogged about it here. Now it is the game developers.
The tools and medium is out there, are you using it? I know the team from Iceland, which used Kickstarter to fund their StartupKids video documentary tour. Are you a creator? are you any good at what you do? do you need funding to get started on your project? Do you know anyone who can take a video of your pitch? or do you have webcam and know how to operate it? heck! I will volunteer… just reach outto me and I will help you. Don’t use the excuse of not being able to fund your project to not Kickstart your dream! Screw it and just do it!