Or Amazon.com or Twitter or LiveProject.me, I believe it fundamentally, I am just not sayin it I am putting my money where my mouth is! I have been having debates with many people who keep telling me how following the TechStars model and just focusing on the Internet or Software related development will NOT work for various reasons like there is not enough people in the talent pool, number of people wanting to create companies in that space are too few etc Well, I beg to differ. Am I saying that it is going to be easy?… No. Is it going to take time? Absolutely. Again, this is my opinion does not mean it is right!

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Let me give some examples, I cataloged the list of innovative companies in Iceland and they were over 165 of them and 85 of them were in the Software/Internet/Media space this is even before there was any tangible funding and mentoring going in that cohort. If we can create a program, fund it and run it professionally… I believe with no doubt that we will have winners, it is not a question of IF it is more a question of WHEN. Let me list again why all acheivable:

  1. It takes very little capital to start a company in this space with Google Apps, free Google AdWords, Amazon AWS, Twitter and Facebook distribution, Open source development environments, Tools and API that allow anyone to hack a simple solutions together over a weekend is not fantasy it is happening right now. Check out Startup Weekend movement.
  2. The Internet has evolved, there are more devices connected now to the internet than any other point in time in addition, it has created a trusted environment. My facebook friends and twitter followers trust that I curate stuff that is relevant that brings with it an important transaction mechanism that never existed before
  3. Creating a Million $ business from your garage or a remote part of Iceland is possible because people with similar interest find you and because you are selling digital goods and services you can trade. Ask the entrepreneur from Iceland who started dressupgames.com or 4x4offroads.com or guitarparty.com or liveproject.me. I have covered the first two here and here and I will write about last two soon again fascinating companies.

At the grass root level there is agreement but it is usually those who don’t understand the changes that have happened in the last decade to the underlying infrastructure that don’t believe it. You know what they say about Nay Sayers, First they say you are wrong, then they say why it wont work, until you are successful and then they say you are Lucky! so what is new! Nothing is going to stop my Vision from being implemented. I wish to dream and it is us dreamers and entrepreneurs who change the world! Whats your vision? How do you want to change your world?

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