I was very excited to see more than 25 people show up for the first meet up of the Lean Startup movement in Reykjavik. I wrote about our planning meeting earlier. It was interesting to learn about all the different people who were there and what all they wanted to learn from having a regular session on discussing the experiences and learning around the Lean Startup methodology. It was obvious which group was missing… yes, it was the Investors group and the Management group. We all pledged to bring those groups into the fold in the future meeting. Gudjon the facilitator kicked off the meeting and we discussed about the book and Pétur Orri Sæmundsen gave a good speech about how Agile + Lean = Nirvana or something like that 🙂 We broke up into groups of 8 and discussed the topics we wanted to cover in the future sessions. Our group came up with the following:

  1. Waste vs Value
  2. How do you determine value
  3. Business as a Hypothesis (this is the one I missed in the original post)
  4. Pivot stories and the learnings from them
  5. Fail stories and the learnings from them
I am sure I am missing something, never the less each of the groups agreed to post their list to the facebook event page. Alli, shared with our group a couple of videos which are good summaries, here they are:
  1. Eric Ries – The Lean Startup 30 min intro
  2. Joshua Sieden’s talk on replacing requirements with hypothesis

Eric Ries from Repertoire on Vimeo.

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