The Year the Dot-Com Bubble Burst
Image by GDS Infographics via Flickr
For those of us who lost money during the dot com bubble it is painful to jump back into the world of technology, internet business and software. This time it is different, no I am not talking about the book written by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, although that is a great book and I recommend that everyone reads it. I mean the business of internet has changed dramatically in less than a decade. There has been no point in time where someone sitting in a remote part of the world connected to the internet could create something of value and have the option to distribute, market and sell to over a billion people with a click of a button. The tools, market and infrastructure to do the above has been built, it is being used and many potential customers are waiting to buy the next shiny app through iTunes or Android App Store or through Amazon or any of the online stores. I have been a student and victim of the financial crisis and I am wary of the perils of a financial funding bubble but I have never been more optimistic about the chances of startups that are disrupting traditional businesses using this fantastic infrastructure to actually succeed in this new world. Valuations are another discussion and how they are fueled is well documented.
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