I think there is dearth of Angel and VC investors in Iceland actually erase that there is no organized angle and/or VC investor group in Iceland. There are many investors who have been funding the startup scene in Iceland. I plan to create a list of Angels and VC investors here. If any of you have ideas or thoughts to organize the list please let me know through the comments. The problem is not that there are no investors in Iceland but they are small and not organized. None of the startups have angle funding most of them have the 3Fs or one of the Government sponsored funds or Grants. I think there is sufficient capital available in the local market but it is not channeled into venture investing. It is understandable why they are not organized as the investor community used to use the local banks to invest but now that the local banks have lost all credibility it is hard to convince the investor community in participate again in the market. In addition, there are no vehicles to channel the investment. 

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