What should be the one overarching goal of company? Steve Denning, has a great article that argues “Delighting Customers” or in other words “Delighting Others” should be the goal and how all of us confuse the means (the employees, products and services), the result (profit, shareholder value), and the values (environment, social contract and responsibility) with the goal. I thought this experiment by KLM using Twitter to get to know their customers and delight them in a small way is a great example. I would have preferred that they did that by making their flying experience better… there is one example of that in the video when they approached an old lady and gave her a better seat because it was long flight. Here is a business idea, build an app that aggregates a person’s public profile and provide that to all the customer facing employees and train them on how to use that to delight their customers. I think the first step in delighting someone is to understand them and with the advent of social media that has become easier because we are giving permission to the world to get to know us… and I think that is the power of social media.

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