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Flights, lipstick and question marks

I picked up the wrong year to move countries.
In this long pilgrimage, full of cancelled flights, rescheduled flights, delayed flights, change of plans, change of airports, change of companies, masks, regulations, emotional roller coasters, joy and concern…I have been considering where brands are and what is branding adding to people’s lives in a moment in which we are all reviewing our priorities.

Who is who? Brand vs Branding

We, the alchemists of brands, designers and strategists, know the meaning of the jargon we use in our concoctions, but …

Zero to One – Revisited

The most important things in life are singular. Time and decision making are singular and follow a power law, and some moments matter far more than others. However, you can’t trust a world that denies the power law to accurately frame your decisions for you, so what’s more important is rarely obvious. It might even be a secret. But in a power law world, you can’t afford not to think hard about where your actions will fall on the curve. Decision to attend Startup Iceland is one of those moments.

Accelerating Iceland

In a few short years we have changed the hearts and mind of everyone in Iceland about startups and entrepreneurship. The next phase of Startup Iceland is to ask the question how do we scale global companies from Iceland

Traction trumps everything

Traction trumps everything, there is nothing else. I don’t care what anyone says. So what is this traction thing? well, …

How to sell anything

Keep your mouth shut and listen to your customer. I mean not all the time, but focus more on asking …

Transitions in a Startup

Seth Levin of the Foundry Group has a very good post on the transition of a startup from the product …

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