Tugce Ergul – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Tugce Ergul the founding partner of Angel Labs will be a speaker in Startup Iceland 2022. Tugce has overseen more than $100m in investments in over 40 countries and an evangelist for Angel investing.

Star Simpson – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Star Simpson the founder and CEO of ThereCraft will be a speaker in Startup Iceland 2022. ThereCraft is YC company and Star has been in Iceland building the company since 2018.

Talking about the Optimistic Future

There is plenty of things to be optimistic about the future. The energy transition is happening, transportation transition is happening and more importantly founders are focusing on solving these challenges.

Om Malik – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Om Malik partner emeritus with True Ventures will speak in Startup Iceland 2022. Om loves Iceland and he has taken some stunning pictures of Iceland while he has been here. I am delighted to get him back.

Dr.Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir – Speaker Profile – SI2022

Dr. Edda Sif Ping Aradottir, the CEO of Carbfix the winner of 2 separate Milestone Prizes in the first 2 rounds of the $100M XPrize Carbon Removal incentive award funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation will speak in Startup Iceland 2022

What is Venture Investing?

I think Venture Investing is misunderstood. There are a lot of people who wanna be VCs and then there is Fred Wilson. I share my own experience of working with founders and share what I think VC investing is all about

Haraldur Diego (Haddi) – Pilot, a good friend and human

Haraldur Diego (Haddi) my good friend, pilot and Volcano Pilot passed away last week in a bizarre accident. I will always remember him as a warm and generous friend. Rest in Peace my friend, I know you will always be flying over Iceland!

How to have an open mind

Thoughts and ideas are based on what we expose our senses to, original thought is quite rare. If you are …

CASSINI Hackathon Wrap Up!

Startup Iceland hosted the 2nd CASSINI Hackathon in Iceland and the Iceland winning Team went on to Win the overall Hackathon. The team’s idea was to use space imaging technology to solve land erosion globally.