Deed Delivery

Deed is a software company revolutionizing last-mile delivery by tackling the biggest problem in the industry: failed deliveries, which comprise approximately 5% of home package deliveries worldwide, costing an average of $17.2 per failure. Through our innovative operating system we have reduced failed deliveries by over 40% with our pilot customer, UPS Iceland while significantly boosting productivity. Our mission is to create the ultimate operating system for last-mile delivery, propelling delivery companies into the future by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and leveraging advanced technology.

Opus Futura

Opus Futura is building an advanced and automated solution that reverses, shortens, and decreases the cost of the hiring process for workplaces – and at the same time helps talent being matched with workplaces according to their own preferences regarding work and work environment. 

Jon Gunnar Thordarson
Co Founder of Bara tala

Bara Tala

Embracing the power of AI and Icelandic language technology, Bara tala is a brand new language learning app that’s revolutionizing how we learn Icelandic. It’s specifically designed to cater to the job market, offering general courses and bespoke work-specific modules.

Interestingly, one-fifth of Icelandic jobs are held by foreigners. Bara tala offers them the key to Icelandic society, recognizing that language mastery is crucial for integration and success.

With its innovative approach, Bara tala isn’t just teaching Icelandic, but opening doors, fostering inclusivity, and creating opportunities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it offers a practical, immersive experience that prepares users for real-life scenarios, making language learning more accessible and efficient than ever.

Hefring Marine

Hefring Marine, an Icelandic data-driven marine deep-tech company, leverages Machine Learning and IoT to revolutionize the industry. Their SaaS solution enhances vessel operations by providing decision-making support, improving safety, fuel efficiency, and maintenance planning. With a diverse team of experts, Hefring Marine is poised to transform the maritime sector.

Hefring Marine’s SaaS solution combines Machine Learning and IoT for real-time data analysis, empowering vessel operators to optimize safety and efficiency. Their solution uses advanced data analysis to detect safety risks, ensuring crew well-being and accident prevention. Their data-driven approach optimizes fuel consumption by analyzing speed, weather conditions, and vessel performance, leading to significant savings and reduced emissions. Hefring Marine’s solution enables predictive maintenance by monitoring system conditions, allowing proactive scheduling and minimizing downtime.

Hefring Marine is transforming the marine industry with data-driven solutions. Their expertise in Machine Learning and IoT empowers decision-making, improves safety, fuel efficiency, and maintenance planning. At Startup Iceland 2023, Hefring Marine’s pitch will showcase their potential to revolutionize the maritime sector.


The forest assessment market is surging. Public and private sectors plan to plant 10 billion trees by 2030 but verification of afforestation projects is inefficient and expensive.

Orb’s groundbreaking technology, leveraging the latest advances in computer vision and AI, accelerates forest assessment and
reduces carbon credit verification costs by 90%

Orb’s comprehensive Carbon and Biodiversity Platform delivers unmatched data and transparency, maximising the value of carbon credits created.


Bulby is a software solution designed to help with idea generation and brainstorming. With research-backed creativity exercises and processes, Bulbycan help you and your team get more innovative ideas. Plus, you’ll get even more inspiration with the AI-powered Ideas Assistant.


Surova is revolutionising the Icelandic vegetable industry with their smart farming technology with a mission is to create a prosperous and sustainable sector.


Frvends makes life convenient in inconvenient moments. Our vending machine and minimart-focused retail products, packaged in fun, friendly kits has you covered when you find yourself in a pinch. Suddenly in need of a hygiene product? Don’t stress! On the road and need a snack pack to tie you over? We got you! Did your patrons or employees forget to pack some essentials? Frvends is here, there and nearly everywhere you need us.