If you have not been following the developments of OpenAI, I think you should. I am encouraging all our portfolio companies to build using A.I. We have made exponential progress in the last year than the last decade, however one can say it takes time for things to take off. I think we are already in the age of A.I.

I used the GPT builder to create our own Startup Iceland GPT. A mentor for startup founders offering advice and insights. You can give it a try here. I plan to add more data and all the blogs that we have written in the Startup Iceland domain. We also have 10 years of video content of all the speakers who have participated in Startup Iceland and we will add them as soon as GPT Builder accepts videos as input. We have had so many experienced people who have offered valuable insights that I think having an A.I. to answer specific questions based on all that years of experience should be valuable to founders.