Today is 3 months since my heart attack. I have had my 6 weeks check with an Echo-Cardiogram. My cardiologist has given me a green light to do everything that I was doing before the incident. This means I can do physical training, running, play cricket and golf. Basically those were things that I wanted to be able to do and I am happy that my heart has healed well. The doctor’s appointment and Echo-Cardiogram was a couple of weeks back and since then I have started running regularly and I have played 1 full cricket match and have been training with my cricket team.

I feel fine and looking forward to continuing my personal growth. A number of people have asked me has there been some life changing views that I has come to light given that there was a chance that the incident could have been fatal. Even to state that I could have died is hard to fathom and the fear of death is something common among all of us, I think. For some strange reason I have been quite calm about this and I think meditation has helped. I have found a space mentally where I am able to separate the ego and the mind. I have accepted the fact that if it is time for this body to perish then so be it what is there to fear? I look forward to life with wonder like children do. I am glad when I wake up. I am eager to start the day because I want to live it to the fullest. The only way to experience life is to live it.

I plan to continue to work on building the startup community in Iceland and continue to work with founders, watch this space for announcement of Startup Iceland 2021. There are a number of things that are happening in Iceland that should make all founders excited about building their company from Iceland. So many startups founded in Iceland since the financial collapse in 2008 are coming of age and growing to be globally significant. A number of Unicorns are being made in Iceland as I type this post. I have never been more optimistic about what is achievable once we deliberately focus on it. It is even unimaginable to me to realize it is almost a decade that I have been building my own mental model on building things the world needs and wants from Iceland, starting with Iceland itself. No-one appointed me to this role, I noticed that this was a job no-one was doing and I made it my job, of course I am absolutely delighted when more people want to do this role. I am happy to work with an incredible group of founders and teams whom we started backing when it was just a germination of an idea. I like that. Working with a small group of people and building breakthrough companies. This is not new, a number of people have been doing it all over the world and I call those people my tribe. The future does not build itself. I want to do a reflection in another decade if I am still around on what this journey has taught me again. I am encouraged by all your comments and thoughts shared directly to me. I respond to each and every email/Linkedin request/friend request that I receive. I will continue to do that and help, if I can.