Hjalmar Gislason the Founder and CEO of GRID will speak during Startup Iceland 2019. Hjalli has been one of Iceland’s prolific serial entrepreneurs and has shared a lot of his experience in the startup founding journey. More recently he and his team have taken on the challenge of re-inventing or “freeing” the Spreadsheet. You can read all about it here. Grid just raised $3.5m Seed Funding a month ago and Hjalli shared his learning on raising funds from investors for the 10th time.

Here is Hjalli sharing his experience with his previous company Data Market which was acquired by Qlik

Hjalmar Gislason

I have been documenting the journey of Founders from Iceland since the beginning of Startup Iceland 8 years back. I always learn something new listening to everyone’s experience. Hjalli has started and excited from enough companies that it behooves all founders and future founders to participate and learn from his experience.

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