It was wonderful to attend the Blue Yard Conversation: The Future of Software Development #fosd in Reykjavik. I was blown away by the 75+ participants who came to attend this event in Iceland. I also got a chance to see Kent Beck, who inspired me into test driven development and lots of other methodologies when I used to write software. I would like to thank Jon Edvald to make this event happen in Iceland. It was great to finally meet Chad Fowler. I don’t think many in Iceland understand the significance of events like these happening in Iceland, I was awe struck and inspired because the 100+ people who were in IDNO yesterday are working on building the future of software, that is pretty amazing. Software Engineering has gone through a number of transformations and I believe very strongly that the next paradigm shift is happening now, most of us will not see the difference until you realize the world looks very different a decade from now.

I have been thinking and working a lot with the idea of #decentralization, i.e. the movement of data, algorithms, programs and decision making to the edge of networks. I wrote about it saying the “Cloud is dead… long live the Cloud“, attending this event confirmed my view that the transformation of the cloud infrastructure is well on its way. It was fascinating to see tools and technologies being developed that is already making the cloud infrastructure much more accessible to anyone to leverage and build valuable services on. As is always the case, these technologies are going to be in the background. Some of the solutions that I saw that were pretty awesome were stdlib, darklang, fugue etc I could not stay for the whole event and get to meet everyone but I can say this was so much fun. It was deja vu to my software engineering days and to the time when I was invited by Sun Microsystem to give a talk in JavaOne etc. ah, the good old times… anyways, I digress, the future of software development looks quite promising and I am excited to see how founders and entrepreneurs take these technologies to build value services that will be build a different future that we envision now.

It is a shame that this conversation was not captured in video to be shared with everyone. You can get a glimpse of the excerpts of the conversation by searching #fosd (link above).