I am excited to announce Arvind Gupta as one of the Speakers and Mentors during Startup Iceland 2016. Arvind has a connection to Iceland and thank you Om for noticing that and introducing me. Arvind has a lot of experience working with Startups and being an mentor and investor. I am happy that he wants to do something in Iceland and we decided that participating in Startup Iceland would be the best way. Here is a brief background of Arvind.

With over a fifteen years of experience, Arvind helps startups and Fortune 50 companies take technological innovations and turn them into products people love through design. He has created products such as the Samsung Edge smartphone, split screen interface, and is co-founder of Starters, a fitness app that saw worldwide adoption. As partner in the $200m VC firm SOSV, Arvind is the man behind the Interface and IndieBio accelerator programs, imbuing them with deep expertise in purpose-driven design. He invests within the areas of biology and new user interface that leverage next generation tools like AI and augmented reality to create context for people. A former equity options Market Maker, TEDx speaker, author, winner of numerous international design awards, and multiple US patent holder, Arvind is passionate about startups that can make a real difference in millions of peoples lives.

Arvind holds a degree in Genetic Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University. He also counts BASE jumping and MMA among his many hobbies.