As I mentioned before I am teaching a class in Reykjavik University. The first lecture was last Wednesday and there were 40+ students who attended the class. We recorded the lecture, however, the Skype video with Dr. Sean Wise is too big to upload to WordPress. The technical team at Reykjavik University is figuring out how to get the video content uploaded, anyways. It was a good session I think. One of the requirements of the class is that each and every student has to have a personal blog. After each lecture each of them are required to write an one page summary of their learning from the class. It is always interesting to see what gets filtered after a 3 hour class and I also believe writing is a great neural memory activity.

I will be sharing some of the summaries as part of the class. Here is the first one that was submitted. Here is an excerpt that I thought was interesting:

I learned some of the dos and don’ts about starting a startup. My favorite point about the class was the idea about timing of a startup: “The best time to startup is now because yesterday has already passed and tomorrow it is too late”.

Yep, I feel like I am already making progress. I just find it frustrating when people procrastinate with their ideas and startups. The sense of urgency to get your idea to life and actually to the end customer is an exhilarating experience. For those of us who have gone through this journey there is nothing like it. So, if you are waiting for the best time to start on your idea, it in NOW!