We tried something new this year, we asked startups to apply to pitch during Startup Iceland. The format was constrained, the Startups get 90 seconds, no slides, no powerpoint, no nothing. Just the founder and the crowd. If you are not able to get your idea communicated to an audience in that time, you are never going to be able to it with any presentation. I believe very strongly that YOU are the presentation. Watch the presentations.


Here is the list and description of the startups that pitched.


Name of the Startup Founder Pitching Description
CrankWheel Joi Sigurdsson Did you ever have a customer on the phone and feel the need to show them something as if they were sitting right beside you, to finish a sale or to provide better service? CrankWheel lets you do this in 10 seconds or less. No download, any browser, any device, works every time.
Jivaro Stefan Alfsson JIVARO is a software analytics platform for the network of online poker players. JIVARO is releasing the first real-time opponent analyzer and tracker software for online poker players which is inter-connected to the most ambitious web services ever offered to the poker industry. The online poker industry is dominated by PokerStars, which today has 86M registered users. JIVARO is integrated into the PokerStars network
Radiant Games Vignir Örn Guðmundsson Radiant Games’ mission is to empower children by providing the best playful learning experiences possible. We are currently developing an exciting mobile game that will spark childrens’ interest in the fundamentals of coding.
KeyWe Olafur Stefansson KeyWe, is developing a software which enables kids to transform their interests in school and life into computer games.
Saga Scott Shigeoka Our company Saga (Andri Snær the author of Dreamland says, in year 2120 Snæfellsjökull will melt)
is developing a content and lifestyle movement
to help young people connect to sustainable brands
while deepening the impact of the environmental movement to CHANGE THE DATE.
Think Geoenergy Alexander Richter My company ThinkGeoEnergy is building an online marketplace for the global geothermal industry. We started by building and running newsletter and magazine as a resource for accurate, timely, and up-to-date geothermal status updates on current global geothermal companies, news, and events
OMx Michael Wilson OMx is accelerating the development of advanced molecular diagnostics with technologies to analyze and combine data about the chemicals, proteins and DNA in the body. Their first product helps improve and optimize diet and lifestyle with a urine test that measures indicators for diet and wellness. OMx founders Michael Wilson and Craig Knox are graduate students from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, with a research focus on metabolomics, bioinformatics, and computing science.
Authenteq Kari Thor Runarsson Authenteq is an automatic Identity Verification and Reputation Management Platform that works across multiple Peer to Peer marketplaces.
Authenteq eliminates risk associated with anonymity while users retain their privacy, leading to increased trust and transparency in transactions and communications, resulting in increased user experience and higher revenue.
The Authenteq ID is issued after the user has passed our identity proofing and verification process which involves taking two photos with our tamperproof app, one of their government ID and a picture of themself.
Menopause Morph Pauline McCarthy My company Menopause Morph, is developing a online community to provide holistic support program for menopausal women, including weekly podcasts that highlights the physical mental and emotional problems of menopause and their solutions via standard medicine, natural methods, diet, exercise, meditation, further education etc. Making a complete platform of resources and products that enable menopausal and post menopausal women to thrive and develop their unique talents to improve the world. Helping many of them, now that they have the time and inclination, to start their own businesses.
MiMi Creations Hanna Kristín Skaftadottir MiMi Creations has published 7 books that use MiMi, an animated creature who uses baby key word signing, to help children from 8 months of age and their parents enhancing their speech development in an efficient and fun way.
Moving towards animation and with the help of technology we want to bring people closer together. Research shows, without doubt, that key word signing enhances the development of speech for all but specifically those in need of assistance. We can help children with language impairments, downs syndrome, autism, bilinguals, families of the hearing impaired and even those with alzheimer’s to communicate and connect.
Sway Arnar Jónsson Sway is a social app-platform for P2P payments. A combination of Snapchat/Instagram-like interface and functionality like Paypal. In a personalized social network, Sway makes it easier for friends, and other groups to keep track of joint expenses and payments.
Crowbar Protein Stefan Atli Thoroddsen Crowbar Protein produces food products made with edible insects. Our first product is an insect powered protein bar called Jungle Bar, which is made with dates, cranberries, all sorts of seeds, chocolate and our main protein (and insect) source, cricket flour. In April/May Crowbar Protein raised $27.700 USD on Kickstarter in able to fund the first production batch of Jungle Bar. The protein bar will be produced in the fall of 2015.
ANITAR Karl Már Lárusson ANITAR, Animal Intelligent Tag Reader, is a new app and microchip reader combination to simplify reading, registration and management of companion animals and livestock.