Side note: I love Futurama ..

Man .. time flies.

There are only 12 days until the Startup Iceland 2015 Conference so we’re working our butts off to make sure everything is ready for the Conference.


Today we finished the whole Agenda!

That includes finishing all those little details (missing spots, missing titles, creating all the documents and so on..).


One thing we can finally cross of our to-do list!

You can download a PDF version of the agenda by clicking here or on the image below.

downloadIf the PDF only opens up in a new window, just right click on the image and click on “Save link as…”

Oh .. and the agenda is useless unless you actually attend Startup Iceland .. You ARE going to attend, right?

Have you bought a ticket to Startup Iceland yet?

There are some serious value bombs that the speakers will be dropping this year.

I, personally, can’t wait to see Keith Teare’s talk on “How your idea can become a ‘Unicorn'” – which will show you how you can turn your idea into a $1 billion (B) or even a $10 billion idea! I’m going to be writing a lot of stuff down, fast, during his talk!

If you have a startup that you want to make into a big success then you should attend and watch his talk.

Go purchase your ticket to Startup Iceland here, before they run out (there are some tickets left at the time of writing..)

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