[UPDATE April 2nd, 2015]

Turns out that this was a partial gag .. Brad hasn’t decided (yet) to move to Iceland. We will still show him some potential houses when he comes over in May 😉

What is NOT a gag:

Bala and I just got off a Skype chat with Brad Feld where he had some news for us.

We recorded the whole thing of course and published it here. Just play the mp3 above to listen to Brad announce the big news.

Brad has been working on an immigration policy change in the US but he’s always lacked the immigration experience so he doesn’t know what the immigrants are going to go for.

“I’m moving to Iceland”

Brad is coming over in the end of May to talk at the Startup Iceland 2015 conference and he’s decided to look for houses while he’s staying here for a couple of days.

Brad asked that if you know of a nice house here, then send the information to him.

Want to meet Brad?

He’s going to be at the Startup Iceland 2015 conference, and we still have tickets available but we can’t guarantee that they’ll be here forever.

Make sure to reserve your ticket so you won’t miss out!