Digital is the first creation and I believe Digital is also the 5th dimension of all things we do. I believe in the future all creation will start in the digital form. I am really happy to announce someone who has been working on this as one of the speakers for Startup Iceland 2015. Darja Isaksson is the Founder and Strategist at Ziggy Creative Colony. She has been a speaker in a number of events and conferences like CS Mobile, TEDx Stockholm etc. The video above is a talk she gave at TEDx Stockholm about empowerment. Here is a brief background about Darja, I think she has inspiring and interesting things to share about this evolving digital world:

I firmly believe that the new digital dimension of our world is now fundamentally changing most human organisations and endeavors. My passion is taking part in understanding how and why this is happening, since I believe it will help us create the future we want and need.

I’m founder of the digital agency Ziggy Creative Colony, where I works as a digital innovation strategist and consumer experience designer. I’m honored to regularly give talks at various conferences on various topics related to innovation and digital disruption as well as consumer experience.