The Flatirons rock formations, near Boulder, C...

The Flatirons rock formations, near Boulder, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started writing this post on the first day of the CEO Bootcamp, but the bootcamp was so intense on me personally that I could not sit down to write the rest of the program. I will do that in the coming days. This has been one of those life changing week and event.

I wanted to document and share the pre-work that I had to do as part of the Leadership/CEO bootcamp that I wrote about earlier. The camp has not yet started, I left Iceland on April 1st and reached Boulder around 10pm about 2am Iceland time and just did not have any energy to do anything. After a good 6 and half hour sleep, I got up at 4:45 am and did some work and did my 8km run and got some really nice Egg Benedict for breakfast. I was watching some of the videos that was our pre-work before the event. I have already shared some of them before, here is one that I thought was very relevant it is a bit long but totally worth it. I highly encourage all Entrepreneurs and Startup CEOs/Leaders to watch it, Jerry goes through a number of things that you are always afraid of asking.

In addition to the above video, here are a bunch of videos that I highly encourage all the Startup CEOs/Leaders to go through.


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