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Just got sucked into the song yesterday as we were watching the Grammy Awards and the live performance by Pharrell Williams. If you have not been to the 24hoursofhappiness.com website you should. If that does not make you want to get out of your seat and dance… I don’t what would. This blog post is to remind ourselves that Happiness is the goal. Find what makes you happy and continue to do that everyday. I have been told many times by my wife that I take things and life too seriously, so here is my attempt to slide in a happy song to keep it light. There is always bad news and craziness, but we all need to find the place where we are happy. I really enjoyed the Despicable Me movie especially the second one where I first heard this song. I really like the levity of the minions in that movie. I wish all of you out there changing the world to let loose once in a while and do something crazy like dance and enjoy the moment. This song is very good for that. Let me know what makes you Happy!

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