TinyPulse Happiness metricI have been on the road for the past 2 weeks related to my role as CEO of GreenQloud. We had a number of initiatives and the company is on a nice growth trajectory. We are starting to get great customer engagement and team engagement. The team has grown to 27 people from 11 a year back. While I was on the road got a chance to meet with Forest Key, the CEO and Co-Founder of Buuteeq, the company that my partners and I invested in 2011. It has been fascinating to see the growth of this team. Buuteeq now employs about 106 people and doing really well in terms of growth of customers, revenue and all the key metrics that drives the company. I was very happy to see that we are investing in the right kind of team culture and things that we believe in. While I was talking to Forest, I asked him how has he and his leadership team managed to build a great culture at the workplace and maintain the super aggressive growth in the number of employees and his answer was very simple… Team Engagement and a tool. He pointed me to Tiny Pulse, a simple tool that he and his leadership team use to engage with their team members. It is such a simple tool but brings a very high level of engagement as well as allows to get direct feedback on a regular basis from all the team members.

The important thing is to act on those feedback items and I congratulated Forest on really driving the engagement and growth of the company. I am pretty sure we will do well with this investment. If you are in the growth path as buuteeq or greenqloud, I highly recommend using Tiny Pulse, I was quite impressed with the philosophy behind the company, it is based on the book by Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness. We are strong believers in that philosophy at GreenQloud … so it was easy for me to institute the same with the team.