We are trying a new addition to the original Conference format in Startup Iceland 2013. I was very inspired to participate in an UNConference event that was hosted by Landsbanki last fall and the Facilitator for that event was Joshua Kauffman. It was great to get connected with him and invite him back to participate in Startup Iceland and facilitate the Startup Iceland UNConference this year. I would really encourage everyone to participate in the UNConference, it is a great free flowing atmosphere and gives rise to a lot of new ideas. I wrote about my experience of last event here. The great team Joshua-Kauffman-Headshot1-342x342

Joshua is a globally active design strategist, facilitator and investor, and principal collaborator in the Quantified Self movement.

With the Quantified Self, he works on the emerging opportunities in personal data and self-tracking that can enhance existing systems and lead to the invention of transformative new products and services.

Joshua also operates a global design practice that consults on projects in technology, innovation and International Development, and has clients ranging from large global companies to governments and foundations.

A good part of  his work is in lecturing and leading workshops, including facilitating innovation gatherings, design exercises and unconferences. Some recent venues have included Credit Suisse, GE, the MIT Innovation Lab, the OECD and the Landsbankinn Innovation Unconference.

Joshua has a degree in Globalization and a Masters in Design from Harvard, where he instructed and remains an affiliate of the Berkman Center for the Internet and Society.