yoda-20I have written about how Iceland could be the world’s first Internet Enterprise Zone. It is not a pipe dream of a crazy Indian living in Iceland, although I do not refute the fact that I can be crazy :). Watch the following discussions in the Hacking Society videos. I really believe that we are embarking on a new world that is governed by networks and not hierarchies. It is incredible to see how the evolution of the Internet is spawning new and challenging problems. I believe the only way anything grows is if it can face the challenge and learn to deal with it. I think the Internet Policy framework is a challenge not just in Iceland, but it is everywhere. I think there is enough evidence to show that restrictive policies and regulation never created any social or economic value to the participants. It was Free Trade that liberated the backward countries of United Kingdom and United States of America. I believe it will be those countries that embrace the Internet and provide an open legal framework for the Internet to thrive that will lead the world in the future. It does not matter how small or how big the country is. I remember a scene from the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke Skywalker gives up trying to lift the spaceship that had just sunk into the swamp. The reason he gives up is that the size of the spaceship was too big to life… when Yoda says


Size matters not… Look at me, judge me by size, do you?


The network is the Force, that is spoken about in the movie Star Wars. I did warn you that I was crazy.




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