The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want to be a superhero? well, now you have a chance on the eve of the launch of The Dark Knight Rises the third Batman movie from Chris Nolan you can make a difference. Go to and sign up and be part of the Justice league that is planning to defend the Internet. I have written about policy and why it is very important to think about the future while framing policy rather than protecting dying industries or monopolies. The best way to organize is to meet on the Internet and talk about issues that are being discusses in Congress and every legislative body on how to stop all legislation that stops innovation on the Internet. I believe there is storm brewing and it has a lot of power, and this storm is all the incumbant industries that are being disrupted by the Internet based startups that are better organized, move fast and can create tremendous value, so what will the incumbants do? they go running to the lawmakers and cry foul that how dare the new entrants can innovate so fast and kill the incumbant’s business model. The law makers are only as powerful as the resource they have to run for the next election. Internet needs to show its power.

Lets show that we all work for the Internet and we will not stop until all the laws being considered and proposed by the lobbies are nonsensical without debate and in order for the Internet to participate in the debate the Internet needs to organize. It cannot be a one of effort, we have to be on constant vigilance. All that being said, I am really excited about the Batman movie and cant wait to see it. Go sign up, be a Superhero!

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