As I have mentioned before, guest posts are welcome on the Startup Iceland Blog. We did our first post about a week back. I plan to create a calendar of posts. Every wednesday we will have a guest post, those wednesdays we don’t have a post I will fill the gap. I have been slacking on the blog because of various reasons but as I tell everyone the “Excuse Department is Closed!“, starting this monday we will have a blog post everyday. The title for the blog post is stolen from Mark Suster, he was referring to the sales teams trying to find excuses for not selling products. Anyways, I digress… the blog is going to get back on track. This coming wednesday we have another blog post by Ashwin, who wrote the first blog post. The topic for wednesday is about Angel Investors and how that cohort can dramatically change the landscape of Startups and Entrepreneurship. I attended the open pitch session last thursday in Startup Reykjavik, all the teams are improving dramatically in their elevator pitches, however we need to hit this one out of the park. IMHO, getting the local angel network to participate and invest in the group is the key. I will be working diligently to get everyone who is interested to participate in the demo day.

While I write this blog post my brain keeps coming back to the saying Excuse department is closed. I have been thinking about Annie Thorisdottir, the 2012 Crossfit World Champion from Iceland. She is a huge role model for Iceland and what can be achieved if one is disciplined and trains with a goal in mind. I have not met her or know her but she has put Iceland back on the map for the right reasons. Imagine the odds, the same ones that gets thrown at me when ever I bring the notion that world class startups can be built from Iceland. She was a nobody before last years event, and she was only 22 years old… impressive to be a world champion at that age. I am wondering what excuses she gave herself for training so hard.