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[This post was originally written in Blogger] I started blogging in 2004, it was just something I wanted to do because I never had a habit of maintaining a diary. Blogging was very easy with Blogger, stuck with it until now and I think the time has come for an upgrade. I am moving this blog to WordPress, I already did the migration over the weekend here is the new link http://startupiceland.wordpress.com, but I will continue to post in both platforms until I am fully satisfied that WordPress meets all my requirements. I found an excellent resource that helped me in the migration, that was Google Groups. The link here pointed me exactly to what I needed to do, of course there is a limit to the size of the file that you can export from Blogger and Convert, in addition the WordPress import tool does not work as well directly from Blogger. Here is what I did:

  1. Exported my blog from Blogger to XML – Settings – Other – Blog Tools – Export blog
  2. Ran the conversion program hosted in Google App Engine
  3. Imported the converted file through the WordPress import tool – Tools – Import – WordPress
Some of the challenges that I think I will have once I complete the migration:
  • Links – I think the links to my previous posts might break or go to the original blogger link
  • Google Search Results – Search Engines may not get my new URL until another month
  • Analytics – I like the Blogger analytics dashboard, will need to see how I like WordPress
  • I may have to move to a host – don’t like that because the interface is different for every host and I need to learn that interface, how it links to WordPress etc I am hoping that I can fund someone to do all the behind the scene dirty work and I can just write! well, as they say there is no free lunch.