Since I have started blogging, my goal has been to bring the attention of the Global Startup Community and the Global Venture Investing industry to Iceland. Yesterday was the best day of my 2+ years long effort. Here is the quote from Fred Wilson:

If you have not been following the discussions in Fred’s blog, I would urge you to look the post tilted “The Free Internet Act“. I think the grass root efforts that started in Iceland right after the collapse is starting to get noticed around the world. I think that is a good thing and we need to push the agenda further. Context for the above image is the post that Fred wrote yesterday, Reddit Community has drafted a Transparent Bill to Free the Internet, Fred blogged that he needs to analyze the document before having an opinion. I commented about the Thjodfundur 2009 effort and how it transpired into the Icelandic Constitution being drafted in a Transparent manner and how that model can be a good starting point to make any and/all bills in all Governments. It was very exciting to see Fred acknowledge that effort in Iceland and endorse that the World needs to take notice of that effort. If you are an Icelander, you should pat yourself in the back and for those that were responsible for the Grass root movement, your recognition is here!