Software is going to drive everything! I have written about it many times and given examples of many industries that are being disrupted because of the explosion in Software Engineering and the rapid availability of Application Programming Interfaces and Sensor technologies. Here is another example of how software based specialized training is being adopted by High Performance Sports Athletes. Bloomberg‘s coverage of news articleJeremy Lin’s Training Program Aided by Software” shows how a lot of data could be captured, analyzed in real time to tailor make a training program to target an athletes specific need. What I found interesting was the result, in the video, Jeremy Lin was nursing his injured knee and since the NBA season was locked out he worked out at Sparta Performance Science. They helped him work on specific parts of his body and in the end he was able to Jump 3.5 inches higher and 30% quicker in movement than he could before the program. This is an example of how software and data was used to improve a players performance. The Money Ball is an even better story where software and data was used to improve a whole team’s performance. Why is all of this important? I believe we are in this inflection point of Software Technologythat things that we thought that were impossible are possible… to improve athletes performance, help people walk or whatever. It is the coming together of Software, Sensorsthat capture data and the processing power that enables analyzing and visualizing data to understand, learn and improve anything.