I saw this video on Bloomberg TV, the interesting thing is many of the new “hot” startups are cropping up in NYC because I believe there is a transition that is starting to happen, the technology is getting easier to put together the cost of creating a company is also getting to be not a huge hole in your wallet. NYC has many of the Fortune 500 companies, so if your startup is in the business of Media, Advertising, Fashion, Financial Services or even Pharmaceutical NYC is not such a bad place to be. Goes back to the Investment thesis that I wrote about, all the traditional businesses are now the users of new technology infrastructure built by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Apple etc.
The investment thesis is quite simple, if one looks at:

  • 1970s: Successful companies that created a lot of value were the hardware companies like Atari, Tandy, Radio Shack, Apple etc
  • 1980s: IBM PC, Microsoft, Lotus 123, WordPerfect, HP, Compaq, Apple – Software companies that built applications for the Micro and Mini computers (back then Personal Computers were called that!)
  • 1990s: Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, NeXT, Novell – Network related companies that made the plumbing of the Internet work
  • 2000s: Google, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft – Software companies that build application on top of the Internet infrastructure
  • 2008+: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, Google, Amazon – Software as service companies that run on top of the software that connects the Internet.
  • 2010+: Any company that is building applications on top of the software stack of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon and the Mobile Devices
What is even more exciting is that the companies in the future that are building things on top of the Internet Software Infrastructure can be located anywhere and still sell it to the entire world. This creates an  awesome level playing field for places like Iceland. You can be in Isafjordur or Egilstadir and still create companies that solve a global problem. The picture is from Isafjordur, not a bad place to start the next Google. Nobody says it cannot be done!