I was invited to speak at the annual meeting of SVEF the Association of the Icelandic Web Masters. I was very impressed to see the Mayor of Reykjavik speaking about how he loves the Internet. Anyways, this was like the Oscars of Internet Web Page designers and implementors. I was impressed by the turnout and quite humbled to even be given a stage to talk about something that I believe in. I have written about it here “Iceland can create the next Google“. The quality and the sophistication in the implementation of the websites that were nominated was world class. I wish this work gets publicized to the rest of the world and I spoke about that during the event as well. Orkusalan a energy management company won the most accolades. The city of Reykjavik also had a couple of awards for its website betrireykjavik.is. Here is the full list of the awards (disclaimer: I used Google Translate for the categories, here is the link to the original website article) :