Met with Helgi Hermansson, former TV program producer, now an Entrepreneur trying to create a platform for  video curation for the travel industry. What is that you ask? well, it is quite simple they want to be the filter of the videos that you see on YouTube but the filtering is specifically for the Travel Industry, Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, City councils, Historic Sites, tourist attractions etc will be made into movies by you and me, the website will provide the guidelines on how to make the video and you can upload it to their cloud. They will market and sell it to the Travel industry and you get a cut of the revenue that your video generates. Not a bad idea for all those artists trying to make it in the TV business around the world. The website is called, as .com site was already parked and given that he is an Entrepreneur did not want to spend money on buying the domain. They already have a number of locals in their networks established in various cities and they control the quality of the videos that are uploaded into their platform just like it is done in a TV Studio or a Movie Studio. I like that, quality control on videos and providing a filter on YouTube like platform is a good thing especially from a business perspective. He wants to build this platform into a global business, the travel industry buys subscription to the content and embed the videos in their respective websites. We had a very long and good discussion on his pitch, which needed work, how he could make the business scalable, pricing, driving eye balls to his content etc This is a trend that is bound to emerge in the video content on the web, niche sectors will create their own curation channels just like TV channels now are targeted to a specific cohort Children’s channel, Sci-Fi channel, Comedy channel etc the same organization is bound to happen to content that has been created on the Internet.