I have done a fair bit of recruiting in my career, starting with my days in Ernst & Young. Visiting the LSU campus and the other university campuses in Louisiana and Texas. One of the favorite piece of advice passed down to me by a senior partner was something so simple and powerful at the same time… he said “Always look for those who are willing to volunteer their hearts and minds to doing things, not the ones who are looking to come for the joy ride because in the end all our pay, benefit, perks and bonus package is for them to just show up, they always have to volunteer their hearts and minds for us to be successful as a team”
There is only one cohort that has to volunteer its hearts and minds all the time, that is the Entrepreneurial community, you cannot fake it and be an Entrepreneur. Any other job, you can fake it until you make it. Entrepreneurs have to look into the abyss everyday and take the leap of faith and do everything in their powers to push towards their goal. Just for that single reason, I am willing to bet all my resources on that group. Heres to the Crazy ones who think differently and go for it.

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