There are better ways to Stop Online Piracy, than what is being proposed in U.S Congress. If you want to understand what this Bill is suppose to do check out the post titled “How the Internet Works (and How SOPA will break it)” by SoftLayer. There has been a lot of raising awareness activities but now it is time for Action as the bill will go in front of Congress on January 24th. There are a bunch of things you can do if you have not done them already:

  1. Write Congress about SOPA and let them know that you DO NOT SUPPORT IT! Venture Beat has an excellent step by step of what you need to do, so go do it. I did.
  2. Pledge to donate $1 to Wikipedia for them to Blackout one night in support of STOP SOPA and PIPA bills
  3. If you are not in the US like us, send an email to the State Department
  4. I plan to meet with the American Ambassador and US Embassy deputy counsel to urge them to send a note from Iceland that Americans and American Residents living in Iceland do not support this bill.

There is absolutely no excuse for us to NOT ACT. This is a really big deal and if I have to simplify the consequences of this bill, the Internet in the United States of America will be no different than the Internet in North Korea! I am doing this for my daughter and you need to think about your kids and grand kids… if we don’t act then we will not leave the internet in better shape than when we made it! That is a bad legacy

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