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There has been a lot of push, shove and cajoling by parties vested in selling the story that Iceland could be a great place to put a data center. Let me make this point very clear, No business leader or management wants to even use the word “Data Center” and “Volcano” in the same sentence. I don’t understand why some of the Icelanders are wasting their time and money running behind this fools gold! actually, I don’t even believe the margins are that good in data centers to warrant the investment. Yes, there is tremendous growth in Data in the world a trend that is going to continue but a Data Center in Iceland? I don’t buy this. Call me a skeptic. If the idea was that great we would already have Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the likes putting up data centers here like all the big aluminium companies did. I would like to caution those who are claiming that the Government incentive should be made more attractive for the investment, believe me Google or Microsoft needs no Government hand out if they see a good technological or innovation or business advantage to take a business decision. The fact that it has not happened is because it is a BAD idea!

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