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I am a member of the Reykjavik Rotary International Club, we had a very interesting talk yesterday by a speaker from Red Cross and their project in Africa. I was frustrated with the kinds of solutions being offered to the people in Africa. I asked the speaker why has not the NGOs done something radical to change the landscape of problems in Africa for example, he was talking about climate change and said that the change in weather has caused a change in rain patterns in Malawi (the place where they are doing the project) and this has caused Food Security and Water scarcity issues.

I remembered the above video from TED and thought this was a brilliant solution for that area. I will follow up with the head of the Red Cross in Iceland to ensure that this solution gets implemented, if possible I will convince my Club to contribute the above demonstrated water bottle to the Red Cross so that they can distribute it in Africa where there is a problem of drinking water.

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