As I am sitting in my chair and looking at the grey, somber weather and mood outside in Reykjavik and inside the New Glitnir… I cannot but wonder how excited I feel. For the first time in my life I have total freedom and liberty to do what I want.

I just got my termination letter from Glitnir and it reads:
“Due to the collapse of Glitnir banki hf. and subsequent closure we hereby terminate your contract of employment with Glitnir banki hf., kt. 550500-3530, as of today.
Notice of termiantion is according to Collective Agreement with The Confederation of Icelandic Employers adn The Commerical Banks and Savings Banks and takes effect at the end of this month.
During the termination period you are relieved of your working duties…” so on and so forth!

I have mixed emotions at this point in my life, the last 2 and half years has been an incredible learning experience that I would not change if I had to do it over again. Although the last couple of weeks I might reconsider 🙂 I have made a lot of good friends and created new relationships which I hope to keep in the years to come but I am at the same time excited about the path in front of me.
I am starting to work for myself, I am working with the Administration of the bank as Advisor to develop a solution for some of the assets of the bank. I still feel the opportunities in the developing world are quite attractive and is worth going after… well, maybe the definition of what a developing world needs to be addressed. Iceland as a country is going to have a tough time in the coming months but I am long on Iceland and would invest in it when the markets start to function again. I think the experience of living in India is going to be valuable for my family and we will try to make the best of it.