Yep, you heard it right it has been snowing in Reykjavik. I went to my daughter’s day 2 of day care. She was very excited about the snow and wanted to play outside. However as soon as we got outside and she fell a couple of times, she was tired and wanted to go back home. I guess it is going to take a couple of weeks for her to get used to all the clothing that she needs to wear to play outside here.

I was told that the temperature is going to be -7 degrees celcius! Not so great a weather but I am pretty excited about being here and getting used to all the new things. We found a place that we like and maybe we will make an offer, had to get with my bank and find out what documents that I need to have to borrow here in Iceland.

I am enrolling in a icelandic class starting next tuesday, the class is given every tuesday and thursday from 6pm to 9pm so I should get my notebooks out and start learning Icelandic.