I have been to 3 classes so far (missed one due to team outing), I should say I never thought I will have so much fun with learning a language. I have learnt about 60 words and know a couple of phrases. It has been interesting. My job has been great, I feel like I am having an impact in changing the bank for the better. My personal goal is to be part of the bank when it becomes the No.1 bank in Iceland, now we are considered No.3 (it is pretty bad when you consider that there are only 3 banks!). The people are great and the weather has not troubled me yet. Actually, it has been getting better every day.
I went with Íslandsbanki´s Reykjavik Corporate Credit team for a team outing, we went Go-carting and then relaxed in the blue lagoon. If you have not been to blue lagoon you should definitely try it. It is very relaxing and totally energizes you.
I think I am going to run the Reykjavik Marathon, it is not enough to have one challenge of joining a new company and learning a new language. I feel I need to channel my energy into something that I can have fun doing in the long run. Reykjavik Marathon is August 19, 2006 that gives me about 28 weeks and I think if I get disciplined about running regularly and preparing for it I should be able to do it… wish me luck