Reached Reykjavik safely with all our bags. The temperature is 38F, grey and rainy! I am not complaining just reporting. Another piece of factoid, I am the ONLY Bala in Iceland. You will be able to search in any of the databases and find me with only my first name. Pretty cool!

We have been looking at houses to buy, the market is kind of weird. Almost all houses list for twice the appraised value… another indication of imperfect market. A typical 2000 square feet house costs about $600,000 to $800,000. It is crazy! I am not sure how people can afford to buy in this market! Never-the-less we are being brave and starting our search for our home in Iceland. For the time being we are staying at a basement apartment of my in-laws… it is cozy and large enough to house me, my wife and daughter!