Happy (Belated) New Year. We are moving to Iceland! the biggest migration in my brief history. I have accepted a position with Iceland Bank and my last day with Capgemini will be January 27, 2006. It is going to be exciting time for me and my family, however I feel it is going to be very difficult for me given that I don’t speak the language.

My daughter is probably going to have a blast given the close proximity of all the relatives and grand parents. I am planning to take evening class to learn Icelandic (one of the hardest languages to read and write). My wife is looking into employment with Deloitte (her former company here in Houston) but we will see what happens when we get to Iceland.

Some really interesting facts about the move:

  • The cost to move my cars is as much as a brand new car here in the US
  • Cost of living in Reykjavik is one of the highest in the world ranked 8 in 2004 next only to London and Zurich
  • Iceland reached 300,000 in population on January 9, 2006
  • Iceland is the first country to try to kick the bad oil dependency and pollution from it
  • I am excited and eager to take on this new challenge, keep on the look out for more news about our move! Reykjavik, here I come!