Kathryn Gunnarsson founder and CEO of Geko

I have known Kathryn since the time she moved to Iceland as she joined Teqhire one Startup Iceland partner companies and the founders of Teqhire, Stefan and Kristjan really helped get Startup Iceland started. Kathryn comes from a recruiting and talent management side of business and she was very successful in helping a number of companies in Iceland get top talent from around the world. We talked about Future of Work, How to build diversity in the workplace and how can someone coming new into Iceland build a network and start building their career. This was a fun conversation for me as I have always felt that any team that manages and understands how to recruit and inspire top talent to do great work will win in the marketplace.

Kathryn is the founder and CEO of Geko, a Talent agency focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields in Iceland. There has been a great demand for experts in this field and a number of expatriates have moved to Iceland to work in these fields. We talk a lot about Future of Work, how to build diversity at work and how you build networks and networking platforms like Startup Iceland and other strategies that enable people to integrate and build their careers in Iceland.

As the world spins around one of the important aspects of building the future is to be able to attract people to work on important issues especially in a place like Iceland.