It’s a new year, and many of us have set some goals for ourselves and our companies. Inspired by my business mentor Kelly Roach, I have scheduled a Vision Casting session with my team to make sure we work as an elite sports team — knowing our vision and each others’ individual goals, making sure we understand where we want to get and what role each of us has to play on the way. This exercise helps you create a legacy that’s bigger than you and make that impact in the world that you are dreaming of.

Here are the steps Kelly suggests in the process of vision casting:

One: Clarify your vision – the big picture of the meaning of your business, that legacy you want to create. The vision is much bigger than your goals, it’s not as operational as goals.

Two: Communicate and articulate your vision. It’s crucial to tap into your vision on the daily basis – individually and with your team. Make sure you remind yourself about that big dream of yours in the beginning of each meeting and every single conversation.

Three: Enroll others in your vision so that they can articulate the vision to the others, enroll others in it and successfully understand and execute the actions that will contribute to achieving it.

Four: Create visionary leaders within your team. This is the step that differentiates the top 1% of the 1% in this world from the rest. Once you have succeeded to nurture the army of visionary leaders within your company, you become truly unstoppable.

Five: Have a succession plan in place. Be clear on who in your organization will/can take over your work once you decide to retire or move on to the next challenge. Keep investing your time in educating and developing that person, to make sure your legacy lives beyond your time in your current role.

This week in the office hours with my accountability advisor, Kelly’s employee, we had to describe our Why – why did we start our business, what does entrepreneurial and financial freedom mean to us, why did we choose Kelly’s program as a part of our journey towards our mission. It was such a powerful session! Hearing how many of us are passionate about creating the legacy and make a difference in the world warms up my heart and nurtures my endless hope in humanity.

My Why that I will communicate to the team during the next week’s vision casting session is: making the population mentally healthier. I know that through improving people’s ability to lead others, we as a company will contribute to making workplaces, homes and societies healthier, we will help them thrive in a sustainable way. By working with self-leadership and personal development of individuals even when I work as a team development consultant, I help people get curious about themselves and others. Being curious is a powerful trait that eliminates stress, improves communication, helps your relationships flourish, and boosts your well-being.

My Why is also to generate enough revenue in the company to be able to invest time and money in my other initiative aiming at helping Ukrainian youth transform their lives and thus my home country’s economy. Every time I go back to the memories of my field trips and see the faces of the kids we have met, a core within me just keeps getting stronger.

It’s important to engage the others in the vision casting, so here are the questions I have suggested my team to discuss during the session:
What are your personal goals? I want to know not only about your work-related plans but also everything else (whatever you feel like sharing, of course!) – health, habits, home, relationships, etc. You have me as your supporter, so use my knowledge and expertise for your growth.
What will your focus be in 2021?
What do you think is the vision of us as a company? 
How do you want to contribute to this vision?
What do you need from me and the others on the team to get your contribution out into the world? 
How will we as a team make sure we live our vision every day? What will be the best reminders? How can we align every action with the vision?

What is your Why? And how can you engage your team in your vision? I hope this piece inspires you to plan a Vision Casting session with your people so that together you can be truly unstoppable!