Have you wondered why you learn how to use a computer? If the machine has so much processing power why do we still learn how to interact with it? Should the machine not learn about me and just do my bidding? I believe that we can solve this problem and we invested in 6Degrees because Miri and Aryeh asked the same question, but they did not stop there they went to build a device that maps users movement to simple machine interfaces.

Enabling disabled to create art

Their MyMove product is now on a couple of pilot studies where they are solving some interesting problems. I am really excited about this technology. It has so many adjacent use cases that the market for this device is quite massive. Think about people with Parkinson or Geriatric technology aid and last bust no least the MyMove band could give several more movement possibilities for Gamers than a joy stick or game controller.

Play games
Interact in AR/VR