Conversation with Kevin Laws, CEO of AngelList

I am launching a series of Videocast/Podcasts talking to interesting people on how to build the future. The first episode was published in partnership with Reykjavik Grapevine.

Kevin Laws and I talk about Kevin’s background, what made him work with Naval Ravikanth. What is AngleList? What is Naval’s super power. What should founders work and how they should think. What should founders from Iceland really work on etc. This was a fun conversation and I am looking forward to doing more of these. In addition to launching a new medium to create, I am partnering with Reykjavik Grapevine, one of the English only news outlet in Iceland. I believe that COVID has changed the world and that means Iceland is also changing.

Kevin reached out to me about a couple of months back when everyone was in lock down around the world. He had looked into a number of countries to temporarily move to and work remotely. He had looked at Singapore, New Zealand and Iceland. Iceland topped the list for a number of reasons, one of which being its geographic location and ease of accessing. Also he had seen that Iceland never went into any lock down and the management of the COVID response was one of the best. He brought his family and more or less started to settle in Iceland for a short period of time. I have always maintained, small countries like Iceland are antifragile.

We spoke about a number of things. Given the combination of Videocast and a Podcast, we had to be time constrained. Kevin and I could have spoken for hours. There was a number of topics that I wanted to pick his brain on but as they say watch for future episodes. I am excited to launch this series because I have been intrigued about this format. We have always live streamed the Startup Iceland event but doing small bits of content that is watched by people all over the world is quite interesting to experiment on. Since I spend a lot of time thinking about how to build a better future, this is another creative outlet to express those thoughts and conversations.

The plan is to publish an episode every other week.