The promise of quantum computing is starting to become a reality. I have not been as intrigued and excited about a piece of technology for a long time as Quantum Computing and thanks to IBM for making that possible. IBM and Google have been building quantum computers for some time now and apparently Google has reached quantum supremacy, which is making the quantum computer do something a classical computer cannot do. Yes, the laptop and the cloud servers that we currently use today are now called classical computers.

Quantum computing is also attracting Venture Capital which is a good thScreenshot 2019-10-20 at 09.03.03ing but nowhere near anything meaningful. 2017 saw the biggest infusion of capital and I believe that what IBM has done with Qiskit (Quantum Information Science Kit) can open the world to startups as AWS did for DropBox, AirBnB and a number of other startups that got built using AWS. I believe the biggest solutions and secrets are hidden in plain sight like in the materials and nature. The use cases for Quantum Computing are massive. Once you start playing with Qiskit, you realize that it is like how computers were once we had just started exploring them. The rules are different, the language although is python is a little different. The way to make things work in a quantum computer is by coming up with Circuits, basically exploiting the nature of how quantum bits or qbits work. It is quite an exciting time to start learning this paradigm as the problems that were unsolvable look solvable.

We over estimate the next year and underestimate the next 10 years. I think the hype in Quantum Computing is real but I do believe the next decade is going to be very interesting indeed. If you are inclined, sign up for Qiskit and start learning how to program a quantum computer.

Hello World – Programming on Quantum Computer